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Good Branding goes a long way 

We want tell a story to your customers

Branding can make or break a company, and at Vagabond we understand that the key to good branding is a good story. Branding is more than just a logo or packaging it is an experience, if done right it can create a deep psychological association with your customers and help them understand a company through a clear visual narrative. It's an experience.

Long term brand strategy must be well-designed and executed across all business functions, with the capacity to improve consumer experience, competitive advantage and financial performance.

So why Vagabond? 

  • We go Deep! 

    Our branding packages are tailor made to the needs of each client. We will work closely with you to create strong consistent visual identities through deep research & creative solutions. 

    -Market Psychology

    We work to make your Brand Relevant. Relevant brands are better linked to the dopamine, or reward system in the brain ,  it is our natural instinct to stay with the pack which can stimulate customer purchases. 

    We also specialize in creating branding that customers want to interact with. The brain forms numerous new cell connections in response to an interactive environment, which can help improve the memorability of a brand.

  • We deliver the goods .

    Our branding packages are made to order for each client and we understand each client is different. We will meet your needs, whether its a tight deadline, a lost file or the fact you keep changing your mind on the colour of that logo.... we've got you!


As Brand Strategists we often get asked how to build a brand, so we have developed an easy 4 step guide to help our customers get a gasp of how we do it.

Phase 1 – Discovery . 

The first step in any branding process is to gather the information necessary for optimal brand positioning. This requires defining the business problem that branding will help solve and assessing the products potential.

Phase 2 – Positioning.

Phase 2 is about exploring, defining and crystallizing your brand’s position, so that your brand is unique in its space. During phase 2 is where you will work developing your brand’s purpose and vision, 

Phase 3 – Creative.

In Phase 3 we start to develop the key assets of the branding. We do this through developing strong Visual Identity mood-boards , honing aesthetic guidelines, developing a brand language and a verbal Identity.  Once this is developed we start to create the Logo, Packaging, or whatever assets the branding needs to be implemented in.

Phase 4 – Execution. 

Once the client is happy with the product and all revisions have been in completed we will deliver the final files in the suitable formats via an easy to download link you can share with your associates or printing company. 


Branding & Packaging

We produce graphic artwork for a range of Products and Businesses